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How to Export SketchUp to Rhino?

SketchUp to Rhino Exporter/Converter is a simple data exchange plug-in/add-on tool which creates native Rhino Blocks (.3dm) from SketchUp objects (.skp).

  • Exports the SketchUp model into a BXF file, the exported BXF file is then imported into the Rhino platform using the Importer plugin.
  • All Model information including geometry, parameters, units, materials etc. will be converted..
  • The tool supports various industry specific requirements like geometric simplification, parameter data exchange.
  • All the BIMDeX products has multilingual support. (English, Spanish, French, German, Italian etc.)

  • Supported Version:

    SketchUp : 2017 - 2020

    Rhino: 5.0 and 6.0

How It Works

SketchUp to Rhino Workflow

Revit to Rhino Exporter


.skp File Formats

Export the SketchUp model to BXF file using BIMDeX for SketchUp

Revit to Rhino Exporter


.BXF File Format

BXF file would be carrying all design data information of the model

Revit to Rhino Exporter


.3dm file Formats

Import the BXF file in Rhino using BIMDeX to get a native Rhino blocks

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How Is It Different?

SketchUp to Rhino Conversion Features

Expose SketchUp platform into a Rhino environment with easy transfer of SketchUp model to Rhino, other BIM and mechanical software. Control and safe data transfer.

Revit to Rhino Exporter

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Looking for a solution to convert your models for a short-term or not having the required software to proceed with the conversion? Try BIMDeX CAD Translation Service for seamlessly getting your models converted as a service.

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Revit to Rhino Exporter

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Frequently asked questions

All SketchUp Componets (.skp) can be converted to Rhino Bocks (.3dm).
Any model type such as Furniture, Lighting, HVAC, MEP Elements, Structural or Architectural components can be converted.
The tool works in English, German, French, Italian and Spanish environments.
You need to have both the software to use the product. But if you do not, you can opt our CAD translation service, so we would convert your SketchUp models to Rhino for you.
No, this is just an addon plugin tool that will be installed in your existing SketchUp and Rhino environments.
You can export including the part properties, colors as well as all geometry. There will be no loss in any meta data and Rhino Nurbs as well. The hierarchy will be maintained.
You can either raise an enquiry through the web form or contact with your requirement. One of our representatives will get in touch with you and assist you accordingly.
You can either purchase the product from us directly by reaching us at or through on of our approved re-sellers in your region. Please refer to the "Resellers" page in the "Contacts" menu for the list of our re-sellers.
We offer Annual subscription, Single User Node Locked license, Network Floating license starting from 5 users and enterprise license options. Please reach out to for more information on product licensing and pricing.
Yes, support and maintenance is included with the annual subscription for all our products.