Success Stories

Learn how top companies like Disney, Google, Jacobs, Johnson Controls, Hager, Vossloh, etc. have quickly adopted BIMDeX's BIM Interoperability Solutions to stay competitive and reduce their design time and effort by more than 80%.


Google - SolidWorks to Revit

World’s #1 Search Engine, Google has their data center models designed in SolidWorks/Creo. With the architecture industry trend moving towards BIM/Revit, Google was facing an urgent need to take their data center models to BIM with no loss in design data which would reduce much of their design effort and can focus on their future innovations.
BIMDeX helped Google to address the requirement with their first of its kind products to export/import the SolidWorks/Creo 3D CAD models to Revit and successfully implemented the solution across Google’s design division.
  • Data center models are now efficiently managed in BIM.
  • Reduced Design Cost, Improved ROI.
  • Better design data sharing across their engineering teams.

Laing O’Rourke - SolidWorks to Revit

Laing O’Rourke has been delivering sustainable, high-performance engineering and construction services globally. Laing O’Rourke wanted to take the mechanical models obtained from customers to Revit for ease of use in construction projects. The usual method resulted an imported geometry and loss of data which was very hard to use in BIM.
BIMDeX helped Laing O’Rourke to address the requirement with our innovative products to export the 3D CAD models obtained from customers to BIM which helped them save the design data and have native Revit files of the CAD models.
  • An easier approach to create BIM files of their customers’ CAD models.
  • Implementing BIM projects globally with an innovation to have CAD models in BIM format.
  • Greater ROI in their BIM projects.

GE GRID - Revit WGM for Windchill

GE Grid, France wanted to manage their Revit Data in PTC Windchill, a PLM platform. This would allow them to capture and control all their Revit design information within PTC Windchill throughout its lifecycle. Their use case was to have an ability to work on Revit central files in cross-continental setup while still retaining default Windchill’s functionalities.
The Revit WGM for Windchill developed by SrinSoft in partnership with PTC, helped GE Grid to seamlessly integrate their Revit models into Windchill and maintain a common repository of all models.
  • Improved reachability of their projects.
  • Publish Revit projects/families, reference files and publish BOQ and drawing sheets.
  • Manage Revit data within the PTC Windchill engineering change management process.

Walt Disney - SolidWorks to Revit

Walt Disney Imagineering is the research and development arm of The Walt Disney Company, responsible for the creation, design, and construction of Disney theme parks and attractions worldwide. Walt Disney was requiring a solution to manage their designs/models across various engineering software packages to design the theme parks efficiently.
BIMDeX helped Walt Disney to address the requirement with an interoperability solution for multiple 3D CAD software’s and successfully implemented the tools across their enterprise.
  • Enhanced design process across the enterprise for designing their theme parks.
  • Reduced Design Cost, Improved ROI.
  • Better design data sharing across their engineering teams.