who We Are

  • BIMDeX provides innovative and robust tools for effortless design data exchange between various 3D Modelling CAD and BIM software platforms, facilitating seamless data integration of mechanical models with the BIM / Architectural environment. We have developed products and solutions in response to our client's needs to close gaps in their current design programs and work more efficiently.
  • Google, Disney, Amazon Go, GE, Jacobs and our other innumerable customers stand testimony to the revolution that BIMDeX has created by adding more value to their businesses.

BIM Data Exchange Solutions

  • BXF is a proprietary file format for seamless design data exchange across various modelling platforms thereby creating native models with the highest accuracy. BXF is intelligent enough to export and import the right amount of information required based on one’s requirements, enabling smooth interoperability between Mechanical and BIM industries.
  • SrinSoft has a decade of experience in the Architecture, Engineering and Construction (AEC) industry specializing in Building Information Modelling (BIM) strategies and implementation.
  • We are associated with industry giants such as Autodesk, PTC, SolidWorks, SketchUp, Rhino and Tekla to ensure high-quality and cost-effective services and solutions within the engineering sphere.

Technical Expertise

BIMDeX AutoDesk Inventor
BIMDeX AutoDesk Revit
BIMDeX AutoDesk SolidWorks
BIMDeX Fusion 360
BIMDeX Aveva
BIMDeX Intergraph
BIMDeX Microstation
BIMDeX OnShape
BIMDeX SolidWorks Catia
BIMDeX Unity
BIMDeX Siemens NX
BIMDeX SolidEdge
BIMDeX Forge
BIMDeX Solibri
BIMDeX Bentley
BIMDeX Tekla
BIMDeX Sketchup
BIMDeX Rhinoceros
BIMDeX NavisWorks